Selling Your PC Online

Its easier than you’d think to sell your PC online these days. Whether you have an old business style desktop or a super modern gaming tower, you’ll find a range of different options to get rid of it.

Here at Cash in Your Gadgets we offer the simplest and most straightforward way to sell or recycle an old PC. We eliminate as much of hassle associated with eBay or Gumtree and just leave you with a safe and secure way to get cashback for your old computer. You’ll only need to provide the most basic information on your computer and we’ll give you an instant offer to buy it. Our offers include free collection any day of the week with packaging provided by us, along with complete data wiping and fast payment.

Selling your PC online with us goes like this:
  1. lets us know the make of your PC
  2. Tell us what processor is found inside
  3. Describe its condition and if it has any faults
  4. Get an offer
  5. Select your courier date
  6. Your PC is collected and bought back to us
  7. We test it & wipe the data
  8. You get paid!

Your PCs Make

Identifying your PCs make or brand is super easy in most cases. The manufacturer will likely have put their name right on the front of the PC itself. You can then match this to the list of popular brands on our website.

If you can’t see your brand in the first list, you can click the link to our full list

If you have a custom build or home build PC, you can select “custom build” from the full list of brands.

Your PCs Processor (CPU)

Finding the processor or CPU in your PC can be done a number of ways. Firstly, we need to establish the rough age of the PC in order to narrow down the list of processor options. This is done by identifying the original Windows operating system. This can be found by looking for the Windows logo or Windows COA (certificate of Authenticity) on the PC’s case.

The processor is also often found on a label stuck to the outer case of the PC. If you can see this, you can match it to the list of processors found on our website.

Your PC’s Condition

Once you’ve selected the processor found inside your PC, we’ll just need to know about its condition and functionality. Just look over the PC for any major damage. A few small scratches or even a dent here or there wont make a difference, but anything significant will.

If there are no major issues and the PC turns on and works normally, you should select “Working – Normal wear and tear”

If you find significant damage or your PC doesn’t work normally (for example it failts to turn on at all or has a faulty part), you’ll need to select “non-working / heavily damaged). If your PC is non-working or damaged it is likely we will not be able to offer to recycle it.

Getting an Offer for your Computer

You should now have an offer for your old PC! Don’t forget, the offer includes free collection any day of the week, with packaging provided. It also includes complete data wiping of the hard drive with a certificate of data destruction sent to you as soon as this has been completed. The offer is also protected by our price guarantee, this means we promise to pay the amount quoted. If we are forced to revise the offer for any reason (for example you entered the wrong specification or condition), you be given the option to have the PC returned completely free of charge.

If you have multiple PCs with the same specifications, you can easily add these at the basket. Just click the quantity drop down to the right hand side of the basket and let us know how many of that type of PC you have, we’ll buy any amount.

Courier Collection

One of the last stages of the process is to select the date you want the courier to collect your computer. We collect items 7 days a week using DPD.

If you have 10 or more PCs we’ll likely arrange for a dedicated courier to collect these. This type of collection only happens Monday – Friday and therefore your courier date options will be restricted to just week days.

You’ll receive a text message on the morning of the collection with the 1hr time window in which the collection will take place.

The driver will arrive with a large padded box for you to place the PC inside.

If you need to re-arrange the collection you can do this by logging in to our account, contacting our customer service team or by replying to the messages from DPD.

Testing and Data Wiping

Your PC will arrive back with us the next working day after your collection. We’ll fully test the computer within 2 working days of it being with us. We be checking all its components and its cosmetic condition.

We’ll then complete data wipe the PC’s hard drive using a multiple overwrite method to US Department of Défense standards. Thus rendering any data on the hard drive complete unrecoverable. You’ll be sent your data destruction certificate within 2 days of this being completed.

If everything matches what you’ve told us, we’ll issue your payment that day.

If anything about your PC doesn’t match your original offer, for example you stated “my PC has a Core i5 6th generation processor” but it actually has a Core i5 3rd generation processor, we’ll send you an email detailing this. In the revised offer email we’ll provide details of the issue and the revised price based on the PC’s actual specification and condition. You’ll then have the choice to accept the price and be paid, or to reject it have your PC returned free of charge.

Your Payment

Whether your PC was approved for the original amount or you’ve accept a revised offer, we’ll make the payment to you that day. Payments are made by your chosen method, either Paypal or bank transfer. Our payments are made at around 5:30pm each weekday and should arrive with you instantly.

Visit Cash in Your Gadgets today to sell your old PC online now.