Selling Your iMac Online

Selling your iMac online with Cash in Your Gadgets is convenient and hassle free. Whether you have an old iMac from 2012 or a super modern 2019 model, you can get an instant price to sell it with us. What’s more, you’ll only need the iMacs serial number to get a quote! Our service provides free collection with packaging provided, complete data wiping with a certificate provided and fast payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

Selling your iMac online with us goes like this:
  1. Identify the model and specification
  2. Describe the condition and functionality
  3. Get an offer
  4. Have your iMac collected
  5. We’ll test it & wipe the data
  6. You’ll be paid

Your iMacs Model and Specification

The quickest and easiest way to work out the model and specification of your iMac is to enter its serial number in to our website. The serial number can be found in two places.

1 – In the “About my Mac” section of the operating system: accessed by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen.

2 - By looking on the underside of the iMacs stand.

Once you have the serial number, you can enter to our website

In most cases the model and specification will be identified from this information. In some cases, you may be asked for further information, such as the processor/CPU found in your iMac. This information can be found in the “About my Mac” section described above.

Your iMacs Condition

Now we know the model and specification of your iMac, we’ll ask you to assess its overall condition. If the iMac works normally and is in good condition, with no marks to its screen, you should select “Working – normal wear and tear”.

If the iMac has faults or any issue with its screen, you’ll need to class it as “heavily damaged or Non-working”. In many cases we can still pay you cash to recycle an iMac in this condition, but this will depend on the iMacs model and specification.

Getting an Offer for your iMac

You’ll now have our offer to buy your iMac. Remember, our offer includes free collection any day of the week, with packaging provided. It also includes complete data wiping of the hard drive with a GDPR compliant certificate provided.

If you are happy with our offer, simply click “Accept” to continue

Courier Collection

Finally, we need to arrange the collection of your iMac. We send a large padded box for you to place the iMac inside. However, we would encourage you to protect the screen if possible. This can be done with bubble wrap, scrunched up newspaper, old towels or couple sheets of cardboard.

Our courier, DPD, will send you a text message and email on the morning of the collection to confirm the one hour time window in which the collection will take place.

If this time is convenient for you, you can re-arrange the date of the collection by replying to the text message or email, or by contacting us. It is not possible to re-arrange the 1hr time window, only the date of the collection.

Testing and Data Wiping

Your iMac will be with us on the next working day. Our technical team will fully test the iMacs functionality and assess its cosmetic condition. These tests will be completed within 2 working days of the item’s arrival with us.

As part of this process we’ll complete data wipe the hard drive to US Department of Defense standards. This data wiping process involves the information on the hard drive being overwritten with random information multiple times. The process is then verified and a data wipe certificate is issued to you. You should expect to receive your certificate within 2 days of the items arrival with us.

Your Payment

Once we’ve agreed the offer, your payment will be issued by your chosen method: either bank transfer or Paypal. We make payments at 5:30pm Monday – Friday and once completed, the funds should be in your account instantly.

Visit Cash in Your Gadgets now to get an instant price for your iMac or check out our other Selling Guides