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iYou can find most details about your mac by clicking the apple logo at the top left of the screen and then clicking "About this Mac". If your device does not power on then you can check the type by typing the serial number or part number in . Need further help? Click on the link below "How do I find this?"

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At Cash In Your Gadgets, we understand technology sometimes breaks. Whether through accidental damage or general wear and tear, sometimes MacBooks just develop faults. That’s why we’ll still take your Apple laptop if it has one, or several issues, including not working at all. We’ll classify it in one of four ways: Good condition, Average condition, Poor condition or Faulty, and you’ll still receive something for your environmentally friendly act.

There are a range of problems that can affect MacBooks in particular. One common fault is a form of staining that affects the MacBooks screen causing it to no longer appear a solid black when the screen is turned off. Another issue that can result in the value of your MacBook being dramatically reduced is an iCloud. In order to resell your Apple MacBook for the maximum amount possible, it is essential that it is removed from your iCloud account. Instructions on how to do this can be found on Apple's website

Get a quote online from Cash In Your Gadgets by filling out our automated form with a few pieces of information, such as the age of your Apple MacBook, its model, processor, and how banged up it is. Within seconds, you’ll be given the price you can expect if you choose to trade your machine in with us. Getting an offer for your MacBook is straightforward and easy with the Cash in Your Gadgets serial number look-up feature. Just enter the serial number of your Apple MacBook to the Cash in Your Gadgets website and our clever system will identify the age, model and specification of your MacBook instantly. This means you'll just need to answer a couple of questions on the condition of your MacBook before you'll get an instant quote to sell it.


The serial number of your Apple MacBook will likely be located on the base of the MacBook. The serial number is also available via the MacBook's operating system. It is quite straightforward to access the serial number via any Apple MacBook operating system, such as Monterey, for example. To do so, simply turn the MacBook on and allow the operating system to load. Once loaded, click the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen. Once the logo has been clicked, select "About this Mac". You should now see an overview of the MacBooks specifications including the serial number.

The serial number can be used to easily get an instant quote to sell your MacBook with Cash in your Gadgets.

Leaving a MacBook to devalue in your home is one of the ways you could be missing out on some extra cash. Usually, people are inclined to think there’s no point taking the time to discover if their old machine is worth something due to how quickly equipment changes, and whilst that’s true, you could still receive a small sum for your old Apple laptop.

MacBooks tend to hold their value well when compared with Windows laptops. However, all tech will eventually lose its value completely as newer, faster machines hit the shelves. Acting fast can help minimise the amount of money you lose on your old MacBook and can free up much needed funds for a new purchase.  

The MacBook is produced by Apple Inc, a company formed in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The companies headquarters are in Cupertino, California and the business employs around 154,000 people. Apple's revenue in 2021 was estimated to be in excess of $365 billion and its profit was around $94 billion. Apple is widely regarded as one of the most successful companies in world and it has produced some of the most innovative consumer products, from the original iPhone to the iPod and iPad.

The MacBook series of laptops has seen a range of different processor specifications, form factors and features over the years. Apple produced MacBook's with the Intel Core-i processor range from 2005 to 2020, after 2020 MacBooks were shipped with Apple's own M1 chips.