How Do I find Macbook Type

You can find your devices serial number by one of the following methods.

If your device powers on:

1. Click the Apple icon at the top left of the screen.

How Do I Find Screen Size

2. Click “About This Mac”

How Do I Find Screen Size

3.The device type will be stated within the details window as per the image below. The date range will show you the year the device was manufactured and indicate the category to select. You will also find additional information on the device that should correspond to the category. For example, the below image shows that this device is a Retina manufactured in 2015, it would also correspond to having no MacBook name on the bezel below the screen.

Macbook Subcat Selection
If your device does not power on:

1. If your device does not power on and you cannot obtain the serial number from the base then to confirm the type you will need to visually check the machine. Please confirm if the MacBook conforms to one of the stated visual guides, e.g. “Silver Keyboard” or “Optical Drive and a Black Keyboard” and select the relevant category.