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Instant Chromebook offer

Get An Instant Online Offer

Use our simple tried and tested process to get an instant, simple, online offer for your chromebook.

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Free Chromebook Collection

Your Items Are Sent To Us

We offer various ways for you to send your chromebook to us. All are super simple and conveinient.

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Data Wipe Chromebook

We Fully Wipe Your Data

Full data destruction. All data on the chromebook is permanently removed (overwritten).

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Payment For Your Chromebook

You Get Paid Quickly

You get paid the quoted amount, or your chromebook is returned free of charge.

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Simple Offer Process


Using our tried and tested system, get an instant, simple, online offer for your chromebook, requiring minimal information.

Convenient Chromebook Collection


We want selling your chromebook to be convenient. We offer DPD collection, Collect + Drop Off or send it yourself option, if your device is of low value.

Secure Service


All data on the chromebook is permanently removed (overwritten) and a certificate provided for peace of mind.

Get Paid Fast


Payment is in your account (bank or PayPal) within two working days of us receiving your chromebook.

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Check below to see some frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance you can contact us on live chat.

Chromebooks can have all your data removed from them by performing a ‘powerwash’. Just sign out of your account, then press and hold the CTRL + ALT + Shift + R keys. Then select 'Restart.' You'll then be asked if you wish to ‘powerwash‘ the device, select ‘yes‘ or ‘continue‘.

We can only buy Chromebook's from the major manufacturers; therefore, if your brand of Chromebook isn't in the list, we're afraid we can't offer to buy it.

Due to the nature of how Chromebooks are designed, there are very few recoverable parts from a faulty or damaged Chromebook. For this reason, we are unable to offer to buy or collect faulty Chromebooks.

We'll make an offer to buy your chromebook after you've provided some basic information about it via our website.

If you are happy to sell your chromebook, you will select a date for us to collect the chromebook, and you'll let us know how you wish to be paid: by bank transfer or Paypal.

We completely wipe the data from your chromebook's hard drive as part of our testing process. We'll provide a data wipe certificate once the hard drive has been completly sanitized.

It's important to remember that the opportunity and responsibility to protect your personal data starts with you, it is your data after all. Even though Cash In Your Gadgets wipe your chromebook, we strongly recommend for you to take steps to secure your chromebook before sending it to us. For suggestions on how to best secure your data please follow the instructions on our data wiping guide. You can also refer to our Personal Data Responsibility Document to fully understand your responsibility.

Depending on the value of your device we will offer either a DPD collection, a Collect + option, or for you to send the device to us. Instructions on how to send your chromebook will be made clear at the confirmation part of the process will take place.

The consignment containing your chromebook will be delivered back to us the next working day, and we'll have your chromebook tested within two working days. We'll professionally wipe the data on your hard drive as part of the process.

If the chromebook matches the information you provided to get your original offer, we'll make payment. If your chromebook is found to be different from the original offer, we'll provide a revised offer, and you'll be asked to either accept the price or reject the offer and have the chromebook returned free of charge.

We've been buying chromebook from members of the public and businesses since 2012 and have over 5,500 positive reviews. Anyone is free to leave reviews about our service online, and we'd encourage you to check them out on Trustpilot, Google, or anywhere else you can find them.

We are a limited company, formed in 2009. We also have ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 certifications. We're registered with the Information Commissioners Office, the Environment Agency, and Companies House.

We make it as simple as possible for you to sell us your tech. All we need to know is the chromebook's age, condition, and specification.

All through the process we will provide you instructions on how to get all the information required to sell your chromebook.