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Instant Desktop PC offer

Get An Instant Online Offer

Use our simple tried and tested process to get an instant, simple, online offer for your Desktop PC.

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Free Desktop PC Collection

We Arrange A Free Collection

Book a convenient, free, collection for your Desktop PC any day of the week, from your home or place of work.

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Data Wipe Desktop PC

We Fully Wipe Your Data

Full data destruction. All data on the Desktop PC is permanently removed (overwritten).

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Payment For Your Desktop PC

You Get Paid Quickly

You get paid the quoted amount, or your Desktop PC is returned free of charge.

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Simple Offer Process


Using our tried and tested system, get an instant, simple, online offer for your Desktop PC, requiring minimal information.

Convenient Desktop PC Collection


Free courier collection & free secure packaging for your Desktop PC, available 7 days a week, with a one hour time slot provided.

Secure Service


All data on the Desktop PC is permanently removed (overwritten) and a certificate provided for peace of mind.

Get Paid Fast


Payment is in your account (bank or PayPal) within two working days of us receiving your Desktop PC.

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Check below to see some frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance you can can contact us on live chat.


In most cases, we are unable to offer to buy a desktop PC which does not work.

However, if your PC is less than two years old, please contact us as we may be able to offer to buy it.


No, you don't need to provide any packaging. Our courier will arrive with a solid padded box for you to place the PC inside.

If you have a monitor to recycle along with your PC, it is advisable to protect the monitors' screen before collection. Please contact us if you'd like more advice on this.


We'll make an offer to buy your PC after you've provided some basic information about it via our website.

If you are happy to sell your PC, you will select a date for us to collect the PC, and you'll let us know how you wish to be paid: by bank transfer or Paypal.


We completely wipe the data from your PC's hard drive as part of our testing process. We'll provide a data wipe certificate once the hard drive has been completly sanitized.

It's important to remember that the opportunity and responsibility to protect your personal data starts with you, it is your data after all. Even though Cash In Your Gadgets wipe your PC, we strongly recommend for you to take steps to secure your PC before sending it to us. For suggestions on how to best secure your data please follow the instructions on our data wiping guide. You can also refer to our Personal Data Responsibility Document to fully understand your responsibility.


Our courier, DPD, will send you a text message on the morning of your collection date confirming the one hour time window the collection of your PC will take place. The driver will arrive with a solid padded box for you to place your PC inside.

The box with your PC will be delivered back to us the next working day, and we'll have your PC tested within two working days. We'll professionally wipe the data on your hard drive as part of the process.

If the PC matches the information you provided to get your original offer, we'll make payment. If your PC is found to be different from the original offer, we'll provide a revised offer, and you'll be asked to either accept the price or reject the offer and have the PC returned free of charge.


We've been buying PC from members of the public and businesses since 2012 and have over 5,000 positive reviews. Anyone is free to leave reviews about our service online, and we'd encourage you to check them out on Trustpilot, Google, or anywhere else you can find them.

We are a limited company, formed in 2009. We also have ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 certifications. We're registered with the Information Commissioners Office, the Environment Agency, and Companies House.


We make it as simple as possible for you to sell us your tech. Firstly we need to know the PC's age, condition, and specification.

We'll then ask you about thePC's original operating system, the processor/CPU, and the PC's condition.

All through the process we will provide you instructions on how to get all the information required to sell your PC.