Data Wipe Your Device

When it comes to cleansing your hard drive, simply deleting the files or ‘formatting’ the hard drive are not enough and susceptible to data recovery and breach.


  • Windows Reset
  • Data Destruction Programs
  • Manufacturers Utilities
  • File/Folder Shredders
  • SSD Wiping tools

  • Windows Reset

    Perhaps the easiest method to perform the task is by using the inbuilt windows reset tool.

    Press the key on the keyboard to open the Search menu and type “Recovery options” or "Reset This PC" followed by the Return or Enter key which should bring up this screen:

    Windows Recovery

    Click on the ‘Get Started’ button, which will take you to the following screen:

    Keep Or Remove Files

    Select the second option that says ‘Remove everything’ and get to the following screen:

    Remove From All Drives

    Select the second option again to remove data from All drives to get to this prompt:

    Clean Drives

    Select the second option once again to Remove files and clean the drive. This will take you to the final part of the process where you must click Reset and wait for it to complete.

    Data Destruction Programs

    Data destruction programs are the most recommended method to completely and securely sanitize your hard drive.

    • DBAN
    • CBL Data Shredder
    • MHDD
    • Killdisk

    DBAN is a bootable software, the first step to using this method is getting access to a writable CD or a USB stick.

    Download DBAN following this.

    USB Stick: Download the Universal USB Installer and run it. Open the drop-down menu, select DBAN and follow the instructions to perform the installation.

    CD: Download a free CD Burner, or use the inbuilt Windows tool to burn the CD.

    Remove all storage devices that you do not want to wipe.

    Restart your PC with the CD in the drive or the USB attached if you are using that method.

    Press the Boot Menu key immediately, often F12 to bring it up – Click here to see a full list of boot menu keys by manufacturer

    Select CD-ROM Drive, or Removable Devices/USB from the Boot Menu to get to this screen:


    The easiest method is to type ‘autonuke’ and press Enter. Follow any remaining on-screen instructions and wait for the process to complete.

    Manufacturers Utilities

    Another method to wipe your hard drive clean involves using the manufacturers factory reset tool that can be accessed by pressing a specific key during the boot up. Here is a list of manufacturers with the most common function keys to initiate the process:

    Sony VAIO:
    F10, F11
    F8, Ctrl + F10

    If your manufacturer is not listed above or the function key doesn’t work please visit your manufacturers website.

    Please ensure the tool clearly states that the hard drive will be completely overwritten.

    File/Folder Shredders

    File shredders are used to sanitize individual files and folders without wiping the entire drive. Once downloaded and installed, simply move a folder or file in to the shredder and data will be completely overwritten.

    Here is a list of the most common file shredders:

    1. Freeraser
    2. Eraser
    3. Blank & Secure
    4. DP Shredder
    5. SDelete

    SSD Wiping tools

    None of the above-mentioned tools, including DBAN ensure SSD sanitizing for several technical reasons. The recommended way to clean your SSDs is by using manufacturer tools:

    Cosair SSD Toolbox

    1. Corsair SSD Toolbox
    2. Samsung Magician
    3. Intel SSD Toolbox
    4. SanDisk SSD Dashboard
    5. Kingston SSD Toolbox
    6. Micron SSD Management
    7. Toshiba SSD Utility

    Visit your SSD manufacturer website if it is not listed above.