Recycle Your Broken Laptop

You Can Sell Us Broken or Faulty Laptops

Cash in Your Gadgets buys broken laptops of all types, including laptops which no longer power on, laptops with smashed screens or laptops with multiple points of damage or faults. Whatever the problem, we make getting an offer to sell your broken laptop quick and easy. We'll collect it free of charge, wipe the data from your hard drive and, in many cases, pay you for it!

All we need to know is some necessary information about it to provide a guaranteed price which includes collection and complete data wiping of the hard drive.

Getting a quote to recycle your broken laptop

Once you've decided you want to get rid of your broken laptop, you'll first need to tell us about its brand.
Select the brand (manufacturer) of your laptop from our list of the most popular brands.

If you can't see your laptop's brand, click "see all brands."

Next, you'll need to select the original operating system. We ask this question to help understand the rough age of the laptop you want to sell. Some laptops are too old for us to buy, especially if they are damaged or faulty. In some cases, we can't offer to buy a broken laptop, but we can offer to recycle it free of charge if you are selling us another item alongside it.

The original operating system of your laptop is usually found around the keyboard or base.

There should be a label that matches one of the images below.

If you can't find a label to confirm the age of your laptop, drop us a message with a photo of the laptop using the "I can't find my gadget" link shown below.

Once you've worked out the original operating system, next is the processor (or CPU) found inside the laptop. If you know the processor of your laptop, you can type the name into the box.

If you are not sure of your laptop's processor, try looking on the laptop’s palm rest and then matching the sticker found there to one of the images on our website.

Lastly, if all else fails, try to find the model of your laptop. The laptop's model will usually be on the base of the laptop or around the keyboard or screen. Using this, you may be able to establish the laptop's processor with a quick Google search. However, if this proves difficult, or you aren't sure, send us the information by message, email or phone, and we'll be happy to check this for you.

Now you've identified the make, age and specification of your old laptop; you'll need to classify the damage.

The first question we ask is "does the laptop power on?" If the laptop turns on and produces an image on the screen, you should answer "YES" to this question.
If the laptop fails to power or it seems to power up but doesn't produce an image on the screen, you should select "NO" to this question.

If your laptop powers on, you'll have the following categories to classify its damage.

Single Point of Damage - you should select this category if your laptop has a single point of damage or a single fault. Examples include non-working keys or a crack to the laptop's case.

Damaged Faulty Screen - this category is for laptops which have a damaged or faulty screen but no other issues or damage.

Multiple Points of Damage - multiple points of damage covers laptops with two or more faults or points of damage. This may include a laptop with a smashed screen and a cracked base or a laptop with a non-working keyboard and a crack to its lid.

If your laptop doesn't power on, you'll see the following options:

Good Condition - the laptop has no cracks or missing parts.

Damaged - any non-working laptop which has any damage such as missing parts, cracks or substantial dents or scratches.

Now we just need some final basic information on the laptop’s screen size; whether or not it has a charger to sell with it, and its model. For more information on how to find your laptop’s model click here.

You should now have an offer to sell your broken laptop. This offer includes a free courier collection and complete data wiping of the hard drive.

If you’re happy with the offer, just click “Accept” and enter your collection address and payment information.