How to tell what condition your product is?

Working – Normal Wear and Tear

The Macbook Powers on and displays information on the screen (either loads an operating system or enters bios to allow the reinstallation of an operating system)

  • All parts of the macbook function normally including CD/DVD (if present), Keyboard, Trackpad and buttons etc
  • The macbook physical condition can be described as good for a used item. The laptops case, keyboard, hinges and other parts (excluding the screen) may show signs of wear and tear but have no cracks or more significant damage
  • The macbook screen is good condition with no cracks or scratches that can be felt when running a finger across them.
  • The macbook has a battery present, although it does not need to hold charge.
  • The macbook screen has no dead pixel lines or areas where the image is not displayed properly

Non-working / Screen Fault / Heavy Damage

  • Any macbook with multiple points of damage, for example a faulty keyboard, major crack to the lid and a major crack to the palm rest
  • Any Macbook with a screen fault including lines down the screen, more than 2 dead pixels or bright pressure marks.
  • Any macbook with physical damage to its screen, i.e cracked screen, smashed screen.
  • Any macbook which fails to fully power on, i.e No information is displayed on the screen or it is not possible re-install an operating system.
  • Any macbook with a Bios or Start up password that cannot be removed (This does not include macbooks with Windows passwords – Bios / Start up passwords are present before the macbook loads the operating system and can prevent the reinstallation of a new operating system

If you have any questions regarding the condition of your macbook please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we’ll get straight back to you with more information.