Why Can't We Accept Your Item?

Older or damaged gadgets sometimes offer very little resale or recycling value, in these cases we are unable to offer free postage or a free courier collection unless the gadget is combined with more valuable items.

If you have added all the items you wish to sell or recycle to the cart and you are still reading this message, we're sorry but we are unable to offer to buy or recycle your items.

You can find other local recycling options here.

How to tell what condition your product is?

Normal Wear

  • The computer works without faults (it powers on and boots to bios or operating system); all components and connections work correctly and are undamaged.
  • The case is undamaged without dents, cracks, missing pieces or heavily worn paintwork or trim.
  • The All In One screen is in good condition with no cracks or scratches that can be felt with running a finger across them.
  • The All In One screen has no dead pixel lines or areas where the image is not displayed correctly.

Working With Damage

  • The All In One works (powers on and boots to bios or operating system) but has a single fault with a component or connection. Examples include a non-working or missing hard drive or optical drive. Non-working USB / Serial or HDMI ports.
  • The All In One has a very minor screen issue, i.e. less than 5 dead pixels or a small screen burn marks less than the size of a 5p coin.

Non-working / Screen Fault / Heavy Damage

  • The All In One powers on (we cannot pay for computers that do not power on) but the case is noticeably damaged and more than one component has failed or been removed. For example missing hard drive and optical drive.