Recycle Your Business IT assets with CIYG, We Offer ...

  •  Highest Industry Payouts
  •  Dedicated Courier Collection
  •  Data Sanitisation Certificate
  •  5* Customer Service
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Our Amazing Business Service

Dedicated Courier Collection

IT assets are collected by a dedicated courier and delivered directly back to Cash in Your Gadgets for recycling and data sanitation. Contact our customer service team to discuss the collection of any suitable desktop PCs and other IT assets your business wishes to recycle.

Certified Secure Data Wiping

When recycling your IT assets with Cash in your Gadgets you’ll be provided with a data wipe certificate guaranteeing that all data baring media has been completely sanitised. Data sanitation of IT assets is achieved by licensed software and using MOD standard overwrite methods.

Highest Prices Paid for Used IT

Cash in Your Gadgets provide both a high degree of data security and a fantastic monetary return on business IT assets such as laptops and Desktop PCs. The simple to use Cash in Your Gadgets online quotation system makes valuing your IT equipment easy for all.

5* Customer Service

The Cash in Your Gadgets service has over 2000 5 star reviews on independent review site Trustpilot. 1000’s of individuals and businesses have been delighted by the friendly, knowledgeable CIYG staff, the safe and reliable service as well as the high pay-outs they receive for recycling IT equipment.