How to Improve Wifi at Home

Posted On November 10, 2017


Wifi is one of those mystical things we don’t really understand in the home. It’s something we rely on when on every day and have come to expect on the train; at home, at work and even on an aeroplane.

What is Wifi

The internet used to come through ethernet cables to our computers; in modern laptops, you’d now be hard pushed to find a port. Wi-Fi in simple terms is a way of wirelessly connecting to the internet. It got its name in 1999; at the time it was thought it would be easily remembered because Hi-Fi’s were popular at the time.

How does it work?

It uses radio waves to transmit signals between your mobile, tablets and anything with WiFi capabilities.
When you’re working on the internet and click submit, you’re sending a signal back, through the radio waves to the internet. The response is then transmitted from the internet in reverse to your computer/phone/tablet to display the result.

Unfortunately, when a house is full of radio waves, receivers and transmitters; it’s understandable that things start to interfere. Many homes find their laptop wifi signal dips in a particular room in the house, yet it reaches the end of the garden just fine. This may be due to the way your house is built; beams, concrete basement or size.

What to do with low WiFi signal

If you’re one of those people who is suffering from a low signal on your phone, laptop or tablet; we have some top tips to help.

Foil can make a big difference to your signal, like a giant reflector foil can bounce a signal away from places you don’t want it to go. For example, if you live in a terrace house and the neighbours are getting more signal than you are, diverting the signal could help.

It sounds very simple but unless you plan on re-wallpapering in tin foil it’s not as simple as it first sounds. Recent research has been conducted into creating wifi reflectors however they work depending on the room and where you want to focus the signal.
If you’re considering this technique we advise using some cardboard wrapped in tin foil and stand it behind your device. Aim it in the direction you’d like to bounce the signal, remembering anything behind the cardboard will have a weaker signal.


What to do If you’re still having trouble

If you’ve hung some tin foil on the wall, created a foil reflector and you’re still having trouble; it may be worth trying adapter plugs. These wifi adapters extend the signal helping them to reach rooms you previously couldn’t they will also help you if beams and concrete are causing the issue.

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