Tamagotchi’s Are Making A Comeback

Posted On October 12, 2017

We’re not joking; the 1990’s addictive Tamagotchi toys are making a comeback complete with retro design and sounds.

If you had one of these beauties back in the 90’s you’ll know how short-lived this fad will be due to the repetitive nature of the game. We’re pretty sure that won’t stop you buying one for the nostalgic feeling though.

The small digital devices had a very basic design; egg-shaped with brightly coloured artwork, two or three buttons and a colourless screen. The aim of the game was to hatch a digital egg, feed it, clear up its waste and nurture it through to adulthood.

Tamagotchi History

The little toys which taught children how to look after a pet were invented by Aki Maita. She won the Ig Nobel Prize (which is a parody of the Nobel Prize) for diverting peoples time in 1997 after it’s release in 1996.

Although originally a Japanese invention they are being brought back by an American company called Bandai.

Will the retro toys be the same?

Like everything, they are getting a twenty-first-century makeover. 20 years on they are being made much smaller. The toys never really went out of fashion in Japan since their first release, with over 82 million Tamagotchi’s sold worldwide.

Like the Nokia 3310 they are staying pretty much the same. We think these companies are using the phrase ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ for re-releasing any retro gadgets.

What happens to the discarded Tamagotchi’s

We’re sure many of the 90’s kids have the odd Tamagotchi stashed in a drawer somewhere ready for the day they might need them again. Like hair crimpers and Nokia 3310’s these firm favourites are back and we’re excited to see how popular they are.

The Tamagotchi was fantastic at at teaching children how to deal with loss; unfortunately, they became quite tiring after your pet had been resurrected 15 times so many ended up in a dustbin.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

20 year’s on we’ve become far more aware of the consequences of poor recycling habits. We have a deeper understanding of how electronics can damage the environment; and where they end up if they aren’t recycled properly.

At Cash In Your Gadgets, we’re hoping that if/when the second wave of Tamagotchi fashion dies, modern teenagers will recycle them properly.


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