Should New Devices at CES 2016 Make Me Sell My Laptop?

Posted On February 10, 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show is always an exciting event, and 2016’s iteration was no different in this respect, introducing a range of new products from smartphones and laptops to drones and beyond. But what about those who are wondering ‘should I sell my laptop in order to upgrade to one of the new machines that made its first appearance at CES this year?’

new devices at CES 2016

If you are in this camp, here is a quick look at some of the more intriguing arrivals in the portable computing category from CES 2016.

HP Spectre x360
Fans of OLED displays will rejoice at the news that this type of technology is finally coming to laptops at the more affordable end of the market, with the multi-purpose Spectre x360 from HP being endowed with a crisp, rich panel that offers unbeatable contrast levels. With a sub-£400 price tag expected for the 13-inch model, it has a lot of value-oriented appeal.

Asus C202
This intriguing offering from Asus is aimed at the education market, catering to pupils and students thanks to its modular design, which means that it can be serviced, repaired and upgraded without the usual complications or costs. It is a Chromebook, running Google’s cloud-powered OS and benefiting from a range of apps and services as a result.

Razer Blade Stealth
This specialist gaming laptop from popular manufacturer Razer is designed to deliver impressive performance at 4K resolutions thanks to its pixel-rich display and the option to add in a separate graphics-boosting external processor that expands upon its internal components.

CyberPower PC Fangbook 4 SK-X
With a name like Fangbook, this laptop could only be targeted at gamers. And what sets it apart from the crowd is its overclockable Intel processor, meaning more power can be wrung from it when needed to give frame rates a boost.

Anyone who is asking themselves ‘should I sell my laptop and upgrade?’ will be well advised to check out all of the CES 2016 launch news and then get a quote for their old portable PC on our site to find out what it is worth and how much you can save on your new purchase as a result.

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