Should I Sell My Laptop to Get Microsoft’s New Own-Brand Model?

Posted On November 18, 2015

Microsoft is no stranger to the consumer electronics market, in spite of the fame of its software. But until recently it had never attempted to build a laptop, instead focusing on smartphones and tablets.

That all changed with the arrival of the Surface Book in October 2015- the first true laptop to bear Microsoft’s branding on the hardware and software alike. And early responses to this stylish and powerful machine are surprisingly positive.

Microsoft Surface

Anyone who is wondering ‘should I sell my laptop and buy the Surface Book?’ needs to know a little about the look and feel of this device before committing. And Microsoft has taken on Apple at its own game, building a computer that can match the MacBook Air in terms of its slender design and premium finish.

Measuring just 7.7 millimetres thick, the Surface Book still manages to pack in a 13.5 inch screen with a high resolution that results in a 267ppi pixel density. The thinness has not detracted from the keyboard, which not only has backlit keys to make it look good and allow for ease of use in dark environments, but also combines this with a trackpad with a glass surface for slick, simple controls.

Microsoft claims that the Surface Book offers double the power of the equivalent MacBook Pro, and during its launch it was shown to be capable of running games as well as productive software. This is thanks to the presence of a dedicated graphics chip from Nvidia backing up the processor from Intel’s latest family of chipsets.

Bundle all this up with the promise of 12 hours of battery life from a single charge, and it is easy to see why the Surface Pro has been turning so many heads since launch. So much so that the Surface Books were sold out on Microsoft’s website two weeks before their scheduled release date!

The Surface Book has received a warm reception from critics and seems to prove that laptops are not being killed off by tablets but are benefiting from the innovations they have brought to the table.

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