Samsung Advert 2017

Posted On November 7, 2017

This morning news broke of Samsung publicly making fun of how superior their phone is in comparison to Apple.

Unfortunately for Apple, this isn’t the first piece of bad news this week; loyal die-hard “Applers” have been taking to the internet to complain just hours after receiving their iPhone X. The screens on the latest devices appear to be rather delicate. We’re pretty sure everybody with a smartphone has experienced a smashed screen at some point, but these unlucky people have forked out around £1000  for the pleasure.

When did the feud between brands begin?

Samsung has been poking fun at Apple since the launch of the S6 edge. Usually, this is done online through viral marketing but as Apple launched the iPhone X, Samsung has decided to take their campaigns directly to our TV screens just before Christmas.

This relationship between the two brands has often landed Samsung in hot water resulting in court cases. Including the ownership of smartphones with curved edges, which apparently belongs to apple. This is currently resulting in a $400 million lawsuit that’s still ongoing.

Previous Stunts

In recent years Samsung has been a little more subtle with their campaigning. When the iPhone 7 was released; Samsung joined the queues of loyal Apple fans camping overnight to buy the new device. They handed out branded umbrellas, pillows, bottles of water and blankets ready for the awaiting media to snap photos. Their hashtag to accompany their phone was #NextIsNew showing Apple fans that the devices they were about to buy had nothing new on them.

View the PR stunt here

What makes Samsung better?

Well, the advert pretty much sums it up; following several couples over the period of the advert we see how a Samsung phone user is often better off in unfortunate situations.

One of the most notable differences between the two phone is shown when the iPhone user has to leave their mobile in a bole of rice after jumping in a river; while the Samsung user happily continues with their day.

The advert finishes encouraging users to upgrade to a Samsung device; although this type of competitor advertising is seen in the car and supermarket industry, it’s only just beginning in the mobile industry.

If you’re looking at trading in your iPhone this Christmas in exchange for a Samsung; be sure to recycle your old device responsibly. If you’ve already made the switch to the iPhone X or away from Apple, let us know what you think about it and if it’s worth changing your loyalty.

We look forward to the retaliation from apple just before Christmas.

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