Pixel Art is the Newest Craze

Posted On November 19, 2017

Do you remember the days when pixel art was all you could really do on Paint? Then Photoshop came along and your page of pixels went from 20 up to 300 and a smooth image appeared. Well, that craze is over and much like fashion, all the old school style is back again!

The most popular app on the market for this pixel colouring craze is Sandbox Colouring. It’s a modern twist on the traditional colouring book you would have bought your children about 15 years ago. Essentially it’s a colour by numbers except it’s digital and it’s all square blocks rather than a patchwork of shapes.

Generally, the app store is full of apps for adults but with the increasing number of children using tablets and iPads it’s no surprise the tech gurus are utilising the gap in the market.

How Popular is the app?

So far it appears there have been around 12 million downloads of the app this month with almost 50% of those coming from the USA. The trend is expected to continue to grow with the spread gaining strength through word of mouth. Many children playing the colouring game with their friends causing the downloads to spread like wildfire.

How are the makers making money?

The company generates revenue through subscriptions, this app isn’t a one time purchase like most other child-friendly apps. this app instead offers options like weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions to enable users regular updates of new images, add removals and unlimited pictures. It’s thought the company has made around $500000 this month alone.

The makers of the software haven’t needed to use traditional social media advertising as the young generation appears to be spreading this app by mouth.


If you’re looking to make some quick money in 2017/18; it might be worth looking at your old computer games for a little app inspiration.

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