Nintendo’s new Labo Vehicle Kit

Posted On July 15, 2018

Nintendo has just released their new Labo Vehicle Kit; created out of cardboard it’s almost totally recyclable!

Created for the Switch games console, they have developed 3D recyclable accessories which come flat-packed ready for you to assemble.

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Add-ons include a steering wheel, gas pedal, keys and more. Now the price feels quite steep considering it looks like all your getting is cardboard; however there’s a lot more that goes on inside the flat-pack game.  You’re essentially getting a 3D game, complete with a joystick for piloting a plane, it’s not bad value.

The game you use these with doesn’t have a name, but it looks pretty decent. It’s mostly an adventure game where you can use your buggy or submarine to explore an island. It even features a 2 player mode where you can battle cars and adventure with your friends.

Putting It Together

For anybody who’s put flat-pack furniture together will be filled with dread at the thought of a cardboard version. However, usually, there isn’t a game to play at the end of it.

When you think about how much fun it can be creating something out of lego, it doesn’t sound so bad.

Our Verdict

In the last 10 years tech has become something that is thrown away quite easily at the end of its life, or when a new version is released. We’re quite happy to see something which has more recyclable elements. It’s great to see the industry thinking about different ways to incorporate recyclable elements into an industry which is quite bad for the environment.

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on these devices, it will be on the market to purchase in September!

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