I’ve Been Hacked

Posted On August 31, 2017

In a world where we use our mobile phones every minute of every day; getting hacked is the last thing you want.
It’s happened to everybody; the sheer panic when your iPhone show’s up as ‘Your apple ID is being used’.

A mad panic soon sweeps over you, followed by a frantic action to change your password and create Fort Knox around your private life.

New Age Hacking

Gone are the days where a simple virus scan would solve the virus you’ve just downloaded. Mobile phone bugs or hacks were unheard of and a password only had to be capitalised and an unusual word to be secure.

Unfortunately, despite the warnings, we all use the same password on every website; and try to make it as memorable as possible. Many of us also leave a note on our laptop or email account containing our passwords which also makes it easy to scrape.

If you find you’ve been hacked our advice is to install something on your PC such as PWGEN an app which creates random ‘passwords which are cryptically strong’.

711.5 Million accounts hacked

Unfortunately, a BBC story recently highlighted how compromised your data may be. Unfortunately it;s not just email accounts that have been compromised. Shockingly around 745,000 pacemakers have a security issue which could lead to them being hacked.

Brands that have been hacked include; Adobe, Dropbox, MySpace and Linkedin. It’s been estimated that 711.5 million accounts have been spammed; scraping data, passwords and spreading infected emails.
If you’d like to find out more you can read the full BBC report here.

To find out if you’ve been caught amongst the millions of email addresses and accounts, use the website here to check.

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