Google and Amazon at War

Posted On January 5, 2018

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It appears that Google and amazon maybe at war; last week their brewing row became an all-out war.

What are they arguing about?

Amazon is refusing to stock Google’s line of gadgets, a Chromecast internet tv box, home speakers a smart thermostats. In retaliation, Google has removed access to youtube from Amazons Fire Tv devices.

Google was quick to point out that Amazon’s internet TV services work on chrome cast devices.

What does it mean?

Unfortunately, the ones who really lose out are the general public who enjoy watching youtube via their Kindle stick or those planning to invest in a Google device and unable to buy them on Prime next day delivery.

This isn’t the first time the two giants have had a disagreement, in September Google pulled YouTube from the Eco saying that the way Amazon had implemented YouTube didn’t comply with Google’s terms of service.

What it implies for the industry

When two companies begin blocking services when they don’t like or feel in competition with one another it starts dividing audiences.
Back in the days where people were loyal blackberry BBM users or iPhone iMessage users. We may find in the near future consumers place their allegiances with either Google or Amazon, for their streaming services.

While the battle between Amazon and Google rages, Amazon has finally put out the fires it had with Apple TV. Owners of the Apple streaming service are now able to add Amazon prime video on their devices; it’s taken 6 months for the companies to come to an agreement.

When should we expect resolve?

It could take months when you consider how long some disputes have gone on for with other platforms. We can hope that there is a resolution to the issues by January 2018 but we won’t be holding our breath.

We’re hoping that 2018 brings a form of agreement with both Apple and google meaning that customers don’t lose out regardless of the platforms they are using.

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