Facebook Adds Snooze Feature

Posted On November 1, 2017

Facebook is full of fake news, people boasting and pages advertising to us every moment they have. Have you ever wanted to put a really annoying page or friend on pause for a few days just for a bit of breathing space? Facebook has now heard your prayers; they have now added a snooze/mute button which will silence someone for 30 days.

Why Has Facebook done this?

Facebook has become cluttered; it’s hard to keep track of your friend and important posts in such a crowded environment; therefore they have now introduced the feature to prevent the need to unfollow or unfriend.

The brand is hoping that the feature will prove useful to people going through a breakup; enabling both parties to move forward with their lives without causing offence through blocking or unfriending. It’s always easier to move forward when there aren’t constant reminders of your ex, but unfriending someone is quite possibly the rudest social actions.

For Pages and Groups, having a Snooze button means they may be able to better retain their less active users, who may have otherwise unliked them or left the group to avoid their content.

What Facebook Is Aiming to Archive

The update seems rather minor, however, some of Facebooks most loyal users are beginning to question how the social media channel is having an impact on young adults lives. The network has been growing steadily, adapting their algorithms to tailor posts to users specific interests; founders are becoming worried that it’s becoming too focused without the option of a variety of opinions.

Facebook notes that when the Snooze period is about to end, it will notify you of this – presumably, just in case you want to snooze them again. You can also reverse a snooze at any time, and the person won’t be notified.

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