Ever wanted to clap to turn the lights out?

Posted On December 16, 2017

It’s like being the scene with god in Bruce All Mighty when he installs a clapper to switch on the light, the kettle or even the TV.

Multiple brands are releasing home technology products that respond with Alexa. For example, the hive plugs and light bulbs are activated by wifi and Alexa with a simple voice command.

Makers of the Freewrite have come up with something a little different, it’s called Clapboss; it allows you to clap your hands to activate plug sockets around your house.

They are only on Kickstarter at the moment with prices starting at $39 (for US plug points) but they will be retailing at some point in the new year due to their high degree of accuracy.

The design is supposed to be fun and friendly but also help in locations where hygiene is highly is important. These devices reduce the need to touch light switches spreading germs.
This technology can also be helpful in places where small children may be able to touch low laying plugs; enabling children to switch on devices without approaching plug sockets.

The device video shows the possibilities are practically endless with the ability to clap to switch the lights out, pause Spotify and even order a pizza.

The reason it’s taking the internet by storm
Fortunately, the Clapboss is taking the internet by storm due to the speed it reacts but also the accuracy it responds with.
If you’re an owner of Alexa you’ll know how you have to repeat commands and can often find her talking to herself.

The clapper isn’t capable of searching the internet or telling you the weather but it is able to complete simple tasks with complete accuracy.

The verdict
Once the product is available in the UK market it’s a fantastic alternative to smart devices which many would worry are listening to conversations.

It’s often hard to decide if it’s laziness or advances in technology driving the need to live in a smart home but we do welcome the ability to clap to turn the light outs once we’ve got into bed at night.

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