What to Consider When Buying A New Surface or Tablet

Posted On July 2, 2017

Tablet Checklist

It’s exciting when you get to buy a new gadget; whether you’re keeping up with the latest tech or getting one out of necessity, it can always be challenging knowing which to buy.

Tablets are becoming as powerful as laptops, which is why you have to start considering their capabilities depending on what you’re planning to use it for.

Mobile phone companies have all jumped on the tablet bandwagon but what should you consider differently when buying a tablet vs a phone or computer?


Some tablets are like big phones, when you look at the first generation iPad things have moved on in the few years since these tablets came about. One of the first things to consider is the size of tablet you’re looking for. As tablets come in an array of sizes choosing what you want can narrow the search from a vast array of brands.


The size of the tablet can be really frustrating if you get it wrong. Devices range between 8GB and 128GB, but when you’re planning to download films and TV off of iPlayer and Netflix it can become quite limited with only 8GB.

Unfortunately, something most people don’t consider is how much the operating system and pre-installed apps also take up. Something many people find out once they have purchased a device is how little the OS leaves them once it’s up and running. It’s worth considering devices that come with slots for an external memory card so you can increase the storage.


Another important feature to consider is the apps that are available. With this it’s the same principles as choosing a phone; if a device is operating on Apple you’ll have access to the Apple app store if it’s a brand like Samsung you’ll have access to Android apps on the Google Play store.

Speaker and Screen Quality

If you’re only planning on browsing the internet, screen and sound aren’t going to be at the top of your list but it’s something to consider if you’re planning on using it for movies & graphic design. Tablets now have the facility to install apps like Photoshop and Microsoft suite which you may want a high-quality screen for.

What Tablets do We Recommend for 2017?

New Ipad (2017) – A powerful device with a 9.7-inch screen an all new A9 chip giving it more power.

iPad Pro 10.5 – This iPad has fantastic speakers, huge memory and an enormous screen although the price does reflect how good it is.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – One for the Android fans and we’d say it’s one of the best Android devices. It’s got a 13mp camera and S-pen stylus and keyboard option similar to the iPad Pro

Asus ZenPad 3s 10 – If the name isn’t a handful this tablet has an amazing display it rivals many of the tablets on the market with its bright and sharp screen.

Google Pixel C – This is a fantastic tablet however it’s rather heavy compared to other devices on the market. It’s got a really nice design making it feel very premium with a large screen as well.

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