Bizarre Gadgets to Buy When I Get Cash for My Laptop

Posted On November 9, 2015

When you decide that your laptop has had its time in the sun and needs to be put out to pasture, selling it is a good way of recouping some of the cash you invested in it in the first place. And you may already have purchased a replacement, which means the extra money might be burning a hole in your pocket.

So stop asking “how should I spend the cash for my laptop that I earned by selling it?” and check out some of these weird and wonderful gadgets that might make a good choice for any fan of innovation.

bizarre gadgets

Parrot Minidrone
The Minidrone from Parrot is one of the most affordable drones on the market at the moment, allowing for impressive levels of aerial maneuverability and even coming with an integrated camera so that it can capture video on its airborne adventures. If you want to get a new perspective on the world, then this could be a good investment and one which does not break the bank.

This crowd-funded gadget is marketed as being an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional anti-insect items while also doubling up as a form of entertainment in its own right. The Bug-A-Salt lets you shoot flies and other winged insects out of the air with nothing more than table salt, making it a clean and green way to keep pests out of your home in the summer.

Apple Watch
This may not be a gadget that most people class as odd, but it is certainly unusual to see one of Apple’s smart watches being worn on the wrists of people in the street at the moment. If you want to get ahead of the curve and you already own an iPhone, then selling your laptop to invest in this emerging wearable device which offers various interactive benefits, including apps for fitness tracking, could be a good idea.

To put an end to the question of “what should I do when I get cash for my laptop?” why not get a quote for your old portable PC on this site and then use these ideas as inspiration as to what to put your money towards?

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