Advent calendar for Tech lovers

Posted On December 12, 2017

Tech Advent Calendar

Advent is always fun, even if you’re not that into chocolate, there are plenty of alternative advent calendars around, including lego, gin, prosecco, toys, makeup and playdough.

What is there for Tech Lovers?

Anybody who’s really into their tech maybe feeling a little left out; long gone are the days where brands like Apple joined in. We remember when Apple used to offer pretty good gifts during the 12 days of Christmas; giving users apps which were usually 99p for free, music from iTunes charts and even TV episodes.

Although those days are now long gone, we’re still hoping app makers will give little treats over the festive period (like a few extra lives on candy crush, yep we secretly still play it).

Downloads and freebies

Thankfully, Tech Radar is giving away selected windows programs in full for free, each day a new one is released to download! There really is something for everybody on the list including song downloaders, website builders and free VPN’s.
Although it’s not quite like opening a physical door on an advent calendar, we’re expecting pretty big things from the last few days before Christmas!

One drawback of the calendar the downloads are all for Windows users; with all the apps and featured programs for Windows PC’s only. Keep an eye on the link here to get each download.

If you’re a little late to the party you can still download all of the previous days.

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