Top Kid’s Tablets

Posted On February 26, 2018

This week we’re looking at the top kid’s tablets; it’s surprising to find out how little kids tablets cost in comparison to adult ones, especially as they are twice as durable.

When you ask a parent with a broken tablet screen how it happened; chances are the answer is either ‘i dropped it’ or ‘the kids broke it’.  For that reason, we’ve decided to help parents around the UK out and look at some of the top tablets for kids.

Don’t Spend a Fortune

It’s likely your kids are going to destroy everything you buy, but you probably learnt this after your iPad Air was dropped or covered in peanut butter. (Please substitute peanut butter with any sticky food).

Before you start handing your little wrecking ball your £500-£1000 tablet, did you know you can actually get great tablets, suitable for children for under £100?

A child-friendly tablet isn’t just about being drop proof; there are thousands of apps designed for children now. These include child-friendly games, apps and web browsers to ensure they don’t end up paying real money for games designed for adults.

What Age Can You Give Your Child A Tablet?

Tablets are being created for children as young as primary school age; the only person who can judge what age a tablet is appropriate for your child, is you.

It’s really difficult to advise when to give your child a tablet; every child is different and every parent has different views. When you consider how accomplished Mozart was compared to his peers it’s easy to see how one child could utilise a tablet for advanced learning while another just watches TV.

Is it Safe?

As technology changes it’s becoming more common to hear things about cyber attacks. Tablets are much safer than mobiles, and you have the ability to disconnect them from the internet quite easily. Tablets, especially those which are designed for children often have parental controls to enable you to disable features.

Our Top 5 Tablets

  • The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet – Available from £22 – £129.
     The device comes with access to Fire for Kids for 1 year and a Kid proof case in 3 colours.
    It also features parental controls to enable you to limit features and usage time alongside setting educational goals.
    Kindle Fire For Kids
  •  LeapFrog Epic Tablet – This tablet is £97.99
    This 7-inch tablet has a quad-core processor and 16gb of memory which is plenty for a little one to play apps on.
    It includes 20+ apps including games, kid-safe browser and ebooks.
    LeapFrog For Kids
  • Dragon Tough Y88X Kids 7 inch Tablet – Is Extremely good value at £53.99.
    It features a kid-safe-browser where your children can explore games, videos, and apps which enable painting and educational exercises. The device also features a specially designed silicone case to protect the tablet from damage from drops, dust and scratches. It also features a stand to enable kids to use the device hands-free.
    Y88 Plus Kids

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