Renewable Energy to Produce Gadgets

Posted On June 15, 2018

Samsung Renewable Energy

Could renewable energy become something we commonly see in the production of mobile phones?

The mobile giant Samsung announced this week they will be using 100% renewable energy in the future for all its factories based in EU, USA and China. In their promise, they also stated they will use renewable energy in their offices based in the same countries.

Last But Not Least

Unfortunately, this may seem like an incredible feat for Greenpeace and those who value ethics in a company; however, many tech companies are already switching to renewable energy sources. So for some, it may seem like they are a little delayed; however, with such a large company, it’s no surprise as changes on this scale take time to plan.

On the surface any step in the direction of renewable energy is a good one; Samsung is starting at home, with their own manufacturing and offices. Unfortunately, parts of their businesses are based outside of these countries. This means although they will be 100% using renewable energy, their products won’t be.

The Future of Renewable Energy

It’s not all doom and gloom though; Samsung is the first electronics manufacturer in Asia to set a renewable energy target. It’s thought that with the encouragement of brands like Samsung, other companies will also take this responsibility on board.

This isn’t something that will happen overnight either; Samsungs renewable energy targets are set to be reached by 2020. It’s thought if companies like Samsung and smaller manufacturers begin making this change; others will begin to follow suit, or risk being replaced by those who do.

Helping Others

Fortunately for those working with Samsung as a supplier; its aim is to identify the energy needs of its top 100 key suppliers and help them towards the same targets. This is going to be a multi-layer project, but it could mean by 2020 phones are even less harmful to the environment.

It’s a lot to commit to in a relatively short period of time; we’re really pleased to see at least part of the electronics and gadget industry making big steps towards a greener future. Although we may never get away from our phones using resources and harmful chemicals; if we continue to recycle mobile phones and laptops in the right way, coupled with renewable energy, we’re on the right track.

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