Why Your Privacy Isn’t At Risk When Recycling A Gadget

Posted On March 28, 2018

It’s always a worrying thing, selling your old gadget to someone you’ve never met. Considering everything you’ve searched, stored and sent from your phone it’s no surprise most are apprehensive.

Recycling Vs Throwing Away

Did you know it’s actually safer to recycle your phone or PC than just throwing it out? Although you may wipe your PC have you ever been 100% sure all your data is wiped?

When we receive any computers or phones we ensure the data on these are wiped; we pride ourselves on the ability to erase all data using licenced software and MOD standard overwrite methods.

If your PC is broken and you’re unable to check you’ve wiped the data we can ensure that the hard drives are removed and wiped separately.

At Cash In Your Gadgets, we’re proud of how we protect our customer’s data.

Protect Yourself

Like with anything to do with personal data; it’s a partnership, while we do everything we can to ensure your data is wiped it’s vital you wipe your documents before they get to us.

Many of the gadgets we receive come through the post; this means between leaving your possession and reaching our offices they are in the hands of the courier. Very rarely do we have instances where products go missing, but it can happen, so we like to advise all customers to wipe any devices before they post them to us.

Top Tips

Before you wipe all of your data, don’t forget to log out of all of your accounts, including social media profiles. Don’t forget to wipe your internet history, being sure to remove all the saved passwords.

Make sure you back up all of your data; you can order an external hard drive on Amazon or put it all on a memory stick. This will ensure when you do wipe your PC or phone, you’re not left without your documents and photos.

If you don’t have a PC to back up your phone to and you’ve switched from Android to iPhone or vice versa, there’s a handy USB style Memory Stick which utilises a Micro SD.

Make sure your accounts have two-factor authentication switched on; you can do this on Google, Dropbox, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter. Two-factor authentication can give you peace of mind; when you sell your old devices it will ensure you’re notified if your accounts are logged into with a new IP address.

Trusting Cash In Your Gadgets

Although we ask for you to ensure your devices are wiped, we’ll always wipe them ourselves as well just to be sure. We’re proud to ensure your personal data is protected and your items are recycled as expected.

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