Why Sell to Cash In Your Gadgets?

Posted On March 7, 2018

So many people throw out old electricals without realising they can them to Cash  In Your Gadgets.

How To Sell to Cash In Your Gadgets

If you don’t know how much your gadgets are worth don’t worry; our website makes it quick and simple to get a quote.

We’ve tried to give lots of hints and tips throughout the process; all you need to know is the make, model and condition of your device. If you are unsure what we’re asking at any point, you can click the question mark for more details.

Once you’re happy with all of your answers you can proceed to the checkout, here we will collect your details and register the devices you’ll be sending us.

Why Sell to Us?

We don’t deny there are lots of methods of sale out there. Unfortunately, they aren’t always as secure and reliable as us. We try our best to take the hassle out of the process, giving you a fair price for your gadgets and a process we think is hassle-free.

Cash In Your Gadgets is fully certified to recycle your tech safely; we can also guarantee your data will be fully removed. Unlike selling sites, we also offer free postage meaning the cash you’re offered is what you get to keep.

Why We Pay Cash For Old Gadgets

Every gadget deserves a second chance and at Cash In Your Gadgets we help people trade in their old gadgets for cash. Selling your old tech to us is quick, simple and you can get paid within 2 working days.

Why Does The Condition Matter?

The condition of your gadgets determines how much we can offer for them. It can also affect how we plan to process the products; if they are in full working order there’s the potential for them to be used as spare parts or whole units.

Can I Do Bulk Recycling

Of cause, we accept lots of bulk bundles by companies or organisations. If you have over 20 laptops or 10 desktops to sell, we can organise for a dedicated courier to collect the items from you. To prevent any damage to the goods we’ll ensure the courier we’ve arranged brings the products directly to us.


Although we encourage anybody selling gadgets to us to personally wipe all data off their device, we also conduct complete and secure data removal.

For business and charities who recycle IT assets with Cash in your Gadgets, you’ll be provided with a data wipe certificate. Data sanitation of IT assets is only achieved by licensed software and using MOD standard overwrite methods.

Start selling your gadgets today using this link www.cashinyourgadgets.co.uk

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