Why Businesses Should Recycle Tech Appropriately

Posted On February 1, 2018


Business are huge consumers of new laptops, tablets and phones; but many smaller companies don’t recycle tech. When you consider how often your work phone is replaced on a company contract; or your laptop cant cope and is swiftly swapped, it’s easy to ignore what happens with the old one.

The Tech Department

Have you ever ventured into your office IT department? It’s usually the room with the blinds down and air conditioning on full. Without stereotyping too much, it’s also usually got a stack of old laptops piled up in the corner, and a few opened up for dissection.

Depending on the size of your company; it’s it’s easy to see how the final resting place of your PC is the IT department. Often laptops can sit here for years, waiting until their parts are needed or until someone decides it’s time to chuck them out because the next round of updates has started.

Why Companies Should Recycle

Companies are increasingly taking more responsibility for their carbon footprint, so why aren’t they looking at their computers and mobiles? Most businesses keep spares for emergencies, but soon the spares stack up as employees receive newer devices and the old are rendered useless.

It’s easy to convince companies to recycle when you show them the value of the ‘spares’ in the office. Using services like Cash In Your Gadgets not only helps towards your carbon footprint, but it enables you to save money in the process.

If your company wanted to recycle tech; for example an undamaged Apple iPad Air 2 64GB, you could receive approximately £118 per unit.

What Happens to Unrecycled Tech?

If your tech department is stripping out the hard drives from your old computers and dumping the rest in the general waste; it’s likely they will be ending up in a landfill.

Unfortunately, disposing of the products in an inappropriate way contaminates the land and pose a health hazard to those who have to deal with it.

At Cash In Your Gadgets, we recycle responsibly; this ensures your old tech never ends up in the landfill or general waste. If you’d like to find out more about what the potential value of your hardware; you can find your items on our website and select the condition.

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