Ways to Make Old Gadgets into New Tech

Posted On July 27, 2018

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These days it feels like we’re forever selling our old gadgets, or the alternative, sticking them in a draw until we move house. Unfortunately, this does the gadget and our planet no good unless they are safely recycled by companies like Cash In Your Gadgets.

This week we thought we’d share some wisdom on what your old semi working gadgets can be turned into.

Turn Your Mobile Into A House Hold Gadget

If you’re looking to use your old mobile phone for something other than making some quick cash we’ve got some great ideas. We’re in the business of recycling so it’s no surprise we know some of the tricks to utilising old gadgets.

When you think about it, even the first generation iPhones are essentially miniature computers; this makes them perfect for utilising at home.


Did you know there are loads of apps designed to help you transform your phone? There are also some pretty awesome low-cost accessories to add additional functions.

Security Camera – Manything, Silent Eye (Android), Dormi (Android)

Turn your phone into a security camera connected to wifi. Manything is a free app which means your device c.n be used to keep an eye on things in your home. Watch what’s happening by setting your phone in a position ready to catch a sticky-fingered sibling or a curious cat while you’re away on holiday.

Games Console – Old Android Devices

It’s surprisingly easy to turn your old mobile into an additional games console controller. Connect your phone to your TV using chromecast, or micro USB to HDMI. From here on the app store there are a large number of emulators for some of the classic game consoles including Nintendo 64!

Add your PS3 or PS4 wireless Bluetooth controller and you’re ready to play.

A VR Device

If you feel like you’ve missed out on the Gear VR and VR, in general, you’re not alone. Although virtual reality seems to have fallen a little flat, curiosity still gets the best of us sometimes.

Turning your phone into a VR device is surprisingly simple. Google recently launched something called Daydream. It’s a virtual reality headset which uses your smartphone for the screen and processor. The downside is your old device might not be fast enough to handle the app although a large number of Android devices are.

Creating your VR headset can be as cheap or as expensive as you like; you can buy a £13 kit or make your own with a pen, ruler and knife. Watch this YouTube Video for tips on how to start yours; remember your old smartphone will need to have a gyrometer to function as a VR device.

TV Remote

If you’re someone who is always losing the TV remote then this one for you! If you are also the type of person who’s forever looking for their phone, this probably won’t help very much!

Companies like Virgin Media, BT and sky all have apps which enable the boxes to work in different rooms. These often contain a remote function enabling you to switch channels from your phone or tablet.

The only downside is they control the box and so you’d still have to get up and turn the TV off at the end of the night.

Recycling Your Gadgets

These are just a few of the ways you can recycle your old computers, phones and games consoles. If they all feel like too much effort you can just recycle your old phones or tablets with Cash In Your Gadgets.


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