Could The UK Miss Recycling Targets?

Posted On December 20, 2017


Every year each country is given recycling targets to reach; 2017 saw huge targets which were expected to be reached. After reviewing figures the UK may be about to miss theirs in the electrical recycling sector.

Feeling bad?

We all have a collective responsibility to recycle so it’s hard not to feel the collective disappointment. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know that we have a target set; or any real concept of how vast the problem really is.

Why will we miss it?

It’s largely down to the way that waste is categorised. 2016 was a record year for household WEEE collections with tonnages reaching a high record in most categories. The targets for 2017 were ambitious with quarter 1 already falling behind on collections.

It is said that electrical waste will rise by 33% from 49 million tons of used electrical and electronic items generated last year. They are based on data used to form a plan to solve the E-waste problem as part of the UN organisation.

It is calculated by the amount of electrical equipment sold around the world and the amount of water electronic equipment.

A Global Problem

On the bright side, the UK isn’t officially the wors country, the USA is by far the worst offender at 9.4 million tons of e-waste each year with over 26,000 tons of waste being sent to poorer countries. Alongside the USA, China is another major contributor to the global problem, but, despite our comparative size the UK aren’t far behind ranking 6th in the world.

Unsurprisingly mobile phones are one of the worst offenders with around 14 million of them being exported; the majority of these are sent to Hong Kong, Latin America and Caribbean.

Unfortunately, despite being one of the smaller countries, Brittan is the worst offender in the EU.

Why should we change?

In a  TV show this year, Reggie Yates shows the detrimental effect the toxic chemicals have on those who are left to clean up. Not only that, we’re also throwing away thousands of pounds worth of materials every day.

It’s estimated there are around 10 million tones of electric products that will be purchased in the UK by 2022. This equates to 20 tons of gold, 400 tons of silver and 7 tons of platinum. The value of this? Around 1.5 billion pounds. It’s predicted 1/4 products are thrown into a bin when they should be recycled or re-used. This equates to around £200 million pounds worth of waste per year.

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