Olympic Medals To Be Made Out Of Recycled Gadgets

Posted On February 15, 2019

While most companies are talking about going green; the Olympics in Tokyo is truly taking it to the next level with medals made from recycled laptops.

All the medals in the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo next year will be made from recycled electronic waste. This discarded waste will include mobiles, laptops, desktops and handheld games consoles.

The news hit headlines last Friday, but with Brexit hogging the limelight it seemed to go quite unnoticed. Officials said they expect to be able to collect enough old electronic devices by the end of March to be able to extract the required amount of Gold, Silver and bronze required to make all the medals awaded during the Olympics.

Starting Your Own Medal Production

Unfortunately, if you have a stack of devices you won’t be able to create yourself a stack of medals any time soon.

Since the plan was first discussed 19 months ago organisers have managed to collect around 47,500 tons of devices which were either recycled or thrown out.

The required amount to create the medals is 30.3kg of gold, 4,100kg of silver and 2,700kg of bronze.

Surprisingly it’s not the first Olympics that this recycling method has been utilized. In 2016 during the Rio Olympics, it’s thought that around 30% of some of the silver and bronze medals were created from recycled materials. In 2020 it will, however, be the first time organisers have utilized old laptops and computers for Gold.

Thousands of Recycled Computers and Laptops result in hundreds of medals

Throughout the Olympics there are around 306 medals distributed; that’s a vast number of electronic devices which are no longer filling up landfills and destroying the planet.

While you may not have enough technology stuffed in a draw to make multiple Olympic medals. You do have the ability to save the planet; by recycling your devices one at a time, you are able to help stop the mining of new materials. You can also make quite a bit of extra cash by selling your old laptops to Cash In Your Gadgets.

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