The Ultimate Recycling Invention

Posted On May 14, 2018

One UK father has invented a waste incinerator which enables him, and his family to utilise recycling waste at home.

The Prototype

Nik Spencer, 48, says that his new device is around the size of a washing machine, yet it produces enough energy to heat a house. It is thought that should his prototype work, this will become a common household recycling item found alongside a boiler.

How It Works

General household waste, which is usually taken away by recycling services, is placed within the ‘bin’ which is the size of a washing machine drum.

The incinerator bin can cope with all food, plastic and paper waste. Oxygen is then removed from the cylinder and it heats up to 100 degrees. This dries out the materials by boiling off moisture as steam. This is then used to heat up water in your home, similar to a heat source air pump.

What about dirt from the fire?

There is a small amount of ash produced at the end which can be swept out and kept for winter. Ash like this can be used to melt snow and icy paths on a frosty or snowy morning.

Toxic gasses are filtered out through a specialist boiler ensuring there aren’t any dangerous emissions leaking into your home. One 8 hour cycle from the machine can ensure enough energy to heat a full tank of hot water. It also removes the need for petrol or diesel consuming trucks collecting rubbish which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

What Does This Mean For Tech?

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be used to recycle old mobile phones, laptops and tablets. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t something like this being developed in the future. For now, recycling your gadgets through companies like Cash In Your Gadgets will ensure your old tech is safely recycled.

Why Phones Can’t Be Recycled

Phones contain high amounts of metal; something the new invention can’t recycle due to the high temperatures required. Mr Spencer’s device recycles most household waste with the exception of glass and metal. Both of which can be recycled in their current form or melted down, sterilised and reused.

When Can You Hope To Buy A Home Incinerator

If you’re keen to start disposing of & recycling your own waste, if trials go well,  you can buy one in 2020.

They will retail for around £3,500 and you’ll still be required to dispose of your glass, metal and electronic devices.

Although it’s quite a pricey piece of kit, with the addition of selling your gadgets to companies like CIYG and the money you save on gas heating. You should break even in just over 4 years with the sale of one modern gadget per year.

To start saving for your incinerator, and to find to out how much  your gadgets are worth visit 

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