The Future Of Computer Plastics

Posted On March 12, 2018

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It may seem like a crazy concept, but this we the news that in the future plastics could be made from plants and other bio-based materials. We wondered could computers be made from these plant-based materials as well?

Solving The Plastic Crisis

Plastics are some of the most useful materials we have, everywhere you look you’re surrounded by different types. Most computers or laptops will have a plastic keyboard or frame.

Unfortunately, the plastic industry is facing two major issues; firstly the resources are dwindling, secondly, plastics are causing monumental damage to our planet. For these reasons, companies have been researching into alternatives for the last decade.

Single Use Plastics

At the forefront of the issue is single-use plastics, they add up to around 40% of the global plastic production. It’s estimated around 128 million tonnes, with the vast majority unable to be recycled.

The fundamental issue for these plastics is how they continue to find their way into the marine environment. They fracture into tiny pieces which find their way into rivers and eventually the sea/ocean. Once there, the marine life digests it before they become part of our food chain.

How Can We Use Plants To Make Plastic?

Plastic is made using oil-based materials; for several years there has been vast research into utilising sustainable sources of chemicals such as bio-based options rather than oil. This could be anything from wood, to waste food; these materials can then be broken down into useful chemicals and turned into plastics.

Although the plastics would still work in the same way we know, they would be recyclable and totally biodegradable.

The Future

Although you won’t be getting a PC made of old ham sandwiches and last weeks roast dinner anytime soon, the research is a positive step to changing the way we use plastic.

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