Singapore Amongst Worst E-Waste Recyclers While Sweden is Top

Posted On March 29, 2018

Gadget Recycling

It’s amazing to think that every 10 minutes 1,141kg of e-waste is disposed of in Singapore; it’s not surprising to discover only 4 in 10 Singaporeans know how to recycle e-waste… To give you an idea, 1,141kg the equivalent of over 7,500 mobile phones!

Singapore has now been named the second largest producer of e-waste, with Hong Kong listed as Number one.

Why Singapore Is So Bad At Recycling E-Waste

Like with many countries, Singapore is suffering due to scrap gadgets ending up in the wrong hands. As seen on the BBC program about ‘burner boys’; gadgets can end up in the hands of the rag-and-bone men & scrap dealers. Many of which don’t recycle products appropriately and unknowingly discharge chemicals which are harmful to the environment.

One of the biggest problems Singapore is facing include the lack of biodegradable chemicals in electrical products. This has led to contaminated land with long-term hazards to those who live and work in close proximity.

Valuable Materials

While e-waste contains toxic chemicals it’s also packed full of precious resources including; steel, gold, aluminium and copper. With that in mind, Europe is also wasting many of these resources with 2.15 billion euros being wasted every year.

It’s well known that the earth’s resources are quickly being depleted, with so many gadgets containing these resources it’s vital we utilise them for future products.

Can Marketing Change Recycling?

It’s not just in Singapore where recycling needs to change; right across the globe governments and local authorities are trying to find ways to solve the issue.

It’s thought that sector-specific incentives are one of the best ways to encourage recycling; however, it’s also down to consumers which is why marketing could be the way forward.

With so many consumers unaware of the ability sell old phones, tablets, games consoles and cameras; it’s no surprise they throw them in the bin.

It Is Possible To Change Recycling Habits

Sweeden is leading the way in gadget recycling with an incredible 52% recycle rate. The responsibility has been placed on brand owners who are responsible for ensuring their products are recycled appropriately.

With this in mind, it’s clearly possible to change the attitudes of both consumers and businesses. Understandably it’s hard to encourage 50% of a nation’s consumers to recycle gadgets; however, with companies like ours offering to pay for old tech, we’re hoping to change the UK recycling one PC or phone at a time.

If you’d like to change the statistics for the better and earn some cash, please visit our website where you’ll be able to get a quick and simple quote.

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