Recycling Gets Technical in Cambridge

Posted On October 1, 2017

Recycling Technology

Every week we check the neighbour’s recycling bins to work out which colour should be going out for the bin men to collect.

For some new Cambridge residents, this will be a thing of the past as recycling out gets a futuristic tech makeover. One new housing development has included smart recycling bins which are buried underground.

Apart from reducing the eyesore of bins sprawled over the road after a windy night; they are actually great for the environment eliminating the need for around 9000 wheely bins.

How do they work?

The bins have sensors on them; when they sense they are full, a signal is sent to the council to empty them, reducing the time a dustbin truck needs to be on the road.

European Recycling

Unfortunately; the rest of Europe have been using techniques like this since the early 90’s with the UK only just catching up.

These new bins don’t only look a lot nicer; they reduce the need for weekly for refuge collector visits and hold a collective responsibility to recycle properly.

How could it change e-waste

We can’t see you dropping your old laptops and phones into a local bin anytime soon. Especially when you can sell your old tech to companies like Cash In Your Gadgets. But, we are hoping as the local communities will become more conscious of recycling responsibly.

In 2016 it was reported that just over 13% of e-waste is dealt with responsibly. If that was to increase to 100% it would save the equivalent energy of powering several thousand UK homes.

If you’d like to ensure you’re recycling responsibly you can sell your old phones, laptops, games consoles and cameras to Cash In Your Gadgets.

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