Recycle an Old Phone and Other Gadgets

Posted On August 24, 2018

Gadget Recycling

Recycling is something that is changing every aspect of our lives. From stopping us from using plastic bags at the supermarket to encouraging us to use a more eco-friendly method of transferring our shopping back to our cars.

Unfortunately, gadgets can’t be stuck in your green recycling bin, they require specialist recyclers like Cash In Your Gadgets who know how to strip components, re-use parts and utilise working devices.

If your planning to recycle your old laptop, recycle your old mobile or any other device which holds personal data we recommend wiping the device and restoring it to factory settings. You’ll need to remove your accounts to ensure when we receive a phone we can access it!

If you’re recycling your laptop we recommend wiping your hard drive, removing all of your personal documents prior to sending it to us. This will ensure you don’t forget a document you wanted and regret not wiping it before it’s out of your hands. We wipe all devices when we receive them to ensure any data you accidentally leave on your device never leaves our offices.

If you were to throw your old electronics and gadgets into your green bin, or even your black bin; there’s no way of guaranteeing your data is safe. With the EU going crazy over GDPR it’s vital our customers or potential customers know the dangers of throwing tech gadgets away rather than recycling them.

If you’d like to recycle your laptop, Macbook or PC, either get in touch or visit to ensure your data is wiped rather than exposed.

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