Planning On Selling Your MacBook?

Posted On November 28, 2018

Sell Your Mac

It may seem quite daunting selling your Macbook; from ensuring your data will be truly wiped clean, to getting the most for your device. When you start getting bombarded by questions about your Mac it can start to feel like it’s more hassle than its worth; which is why we’ve made it as simple as possible…

Getting The Best Quote When Selling Your Macbook

If you’re struggling to identify your Mac specifications we have a Cash In Your Gadgets ID tool; to use this tool all you require is your Mac serial number. At Cash In Your Gadgets, we’ve developed this tool to ensure it’s quick and simple to identify your device. By entering in your serial number our system searches a database to identify what you’re selling; we’re proud that no other UK company uses this system. We believe that asking fewer technical questions will make the process smoother.

Listing Your Device

When you begin to list your device, you’ll need to find the serial number which should be visible on the base of your machine. It’s featured in tiny engraved writing, so if you struggle with vision and don’t have a magnifying glass to hand, there’s an alternative method.

    1. Boot up your Mac, log in, and click the apple in the top left of the screen
    1. Select the top option ‘About This Mac’
  1. A box will open and at the base of the box, it will state the serial number. This is the number you need

If your device doesn’t work, or the screen is broken you will need to find the serial number on the base of the device; a good way to see this is to take a photo with a phone and zoom in.

Why Do You Need The Macbook Serial Number?

The serial number on your Mac tells us everything we need to know; from the year your Mac was purchased to the size of the hard drive that’s inside it.

The tool is featured on our Mac pages and works with multiple Mac devices including MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Our aim is to ensure you always receive the best quote for your Mac device; by identifying your model number prior to quoting will ensure when you send your device the price doesn’t change. However, this does still depend on its condition.

Selling your MacBook should be simple, if you’re struggling at any point to find your serial number, send us an email or chat with us via Facebook Chat. Our team will be able to point you in the right direction and ensure you get a quote as quickly as possible.

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