New Years Resolution – Recycling

Posted On January 1, 2018

Christmas is a time for giving and 2017 won’t be any different; it’s no surprise that millions of people will be happy to be unwrapping tech gadgets like iPads, Xboxes and new phones.

For this reason, we’re looking at how much e-waste should be recycled in 2018, starting the new year off in the way we should be leaving 2017.

New Years Resolutions

Millions of people set the goal of going to the gym during 2017 but by February have fallen short of the challenge. At Cash in Your Gadgets, we’d like to set a much more achievable target with an environmental benefit.

In 2016 it was reported that 44.7 million metric tons are the equivalent of 4.500 Eifel towers worth of e-waste. The UN International Telecommunication Union reported that its the equivalent of 1.23 million fully loaded trucks at 40 tons.

Why it’s so important to recycle

This e-waste has so much potential; companies like Cash In Your Gadgets have the ability to fix, strip and re-use some of the components which are being thrown away. E-waste contains so much which needs to be disposed of properly.

Experts are expecting e-waste to rise by 17% by the year of 2021 making the total per year 52.2 million metric tons of waste. The increase is due to the throwaway society and the drive for new technology in 6-month cycles.

It’s important to remember that the waste isn’t just tech products which we deal with at Cash In Your Gadgets; it also includes fridges, freezers, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines.

The growth in this recycling sector is partly due to smart technology being added to household items. When old machines break down it’s more common for homes to replace than repair in a bid to update with the change in technology.

How much of e-waste is recycled?

Unfortunately, with this rise in e-waste, there isn’t a rise in recycling. Only one-fifth of e-waste in 2016 was recycled which is a terrible statistics for the environment.

With China’s recent ban on accepting plastic waste, we may find a drive for the British public to begin recycling their goods in all sectors more responsibly. Computers, phones and another tech often hold large quantities of plastic as well as re-usable precious metals; meaning they also won’t be accepted.

2018 Goals

In 2018 we’d like to encourage you to choose a resolution you can keep; many of us have multiple phones and gadgets stashed at home. If you received electrical gifts over Christmas be sure to recycle it; along with your drawer full of old phones etc at Cash In Your Gadgets.

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