Don’t Miss Out On The Gold Mine

Posted On April 25, 2018

We’ve said it before but it’s amazing how many consumers miss out on the gold mine which is mobile phone recycling.

What Gold Mine?

Have you ever wondered why we pay you so much for your old gadgets? They are packed full of precious metals and components which can be re-used.

Have you ever seen a gold mine, panning for gold it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, which is why gold is so valuable. So, when you consider how much gold there is in gadgets like mobile phones, you begin to understand why we offer cash for your old gadgets.

You Won’t Get Rich From It

Before everybody goes crazy trying to buy up old mobile phones in a bid to make a fortune, or a necklace. You can get around 1 gram of gold out of 41 mobiles. Depending on the carat (ranging from 9-24) you’d earn between £10.60 and £28.23 for all 41 mobiles.

It’s not just gold that can be found, but it is one of the most valuable metals stored in products like mobile phones. In recent months there has been growth in recycling gadgets; companies are beginning to push to reuse existing resources over mining for new ones.

Urban Mining

This isn’t a new trend, we’ve been doing it for years; however, the world is waking up to recycling realities. It’s vital we consider the importance of recycling laptops, PCs and Macbooks as well. With the production of mobile phones growing year on year, it’s no surprise as resources run out, producers are beginning to look at reusing the resources held within our previous gadgets.

Why Arent More Companies Doing It?

As you can see by the volume of gold which is in 41 mobile phones, it’s not going to cause a gold rush; but what it really comes down to is the complexity of recycling the gadgets and harnessing the resources.

At the moment, in Europe, there are companies attempting to automate the recycling of LCD screens. Like with mobiles, it’s a highly labour intensive process which provides little monetary benefits.

You’d Like To Cash In And Recycle?

Great news! To get started, all you have to do is visit our main website; enter the details of which gadget you have and we’ll display the price we’d like to pay for it. Not only will you be saving the world’s resources, you could make a little cash out of it too!

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