UK Plastic Recycling Plant Fire

Posted On April 2, 2018

Firefighters have been fighting an enormous blaze at a recycling plant in Wales.

When The Fire Broke Out

The fire broke out at the plastic recycling plant on Tuesday 1st at around 15:15 BST. Local residents could see smoke plumes from miles away and hear the sirens of the four fire engines tasked with fighting the blaze.

With a highly flammable material like plastic burning, it’s no surprise the crews were battling the fire through the night. Unfortunately, the fire engines remained at the scene this morning and residents were advised to keep doors and windows closed.

UK Plastic Recycling

Since China banned the import of plastic recycling there has been a build-up of recyclable materials around the UK waste plants.

The Chinese plastic ban came into effect on 1st of January; many UK businesses stopped exporting prior to this due to fears it might not reach the country before the deadline.

Unfortunately, with plastic materials building up over the last few months, when fires break out, it becomes even harder to control.

Where Do Mobile Plastics End Up?

Mobile phone manufacturers are becoming increasingly conscious of the materials they use for the production of their devices. Many are beginning to use recycled plastic to make new devices, saving on resources and money; although it’s great for the environment, it does give the devices a cheaper feel.

Other than ending up in new mobiles; recycled devices can be turned into a range of products including traffic cones. The metal inside such as copper platinum, gold and silver can often end up in jewellery.

How To Ensure Your Phone Doesn’t End Up In Landfill

Mobiles end up in landfill every single day; unfortunately, people often throw them out before thinking about selling them or recycling them properly. When you consider less than 20% of phones are recycled every year, it’s easy to see how much money is wasted.

If you’d like to recycle any gadget, be sure to look on our website and find out if we’ll accept it and how much you can get for your device.

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