Could Recycled Plastic Solve the Pothole Problem?

Posted On February 5, 2018

As snow sweeps the UK again we brace ourselves for yet more potholes to appear in the roads. Now we know how a blog about potholes is quite risky, but hear us out; could waste plastics solve the problem?

How Could Plastic Waste Help?

A Scottish company has found a way to recycle our plastic waste in a way that will benefit our roads for years to come.

Unfortunately, when the UK experiences weather extremes, anything above 23 degrees and below -1, our roads suffer. Since our plastic waste is beginning to pile up, could the Scottish start-up have the solution?

Plastic, unlike food, isn’t biodegradable. Once it’s been created, it lasts for thousands of years, eventually breaking into smaller and smaller pieces. When our roads require regular tarmac repairs, it seems logical we fill the holes with something we’re struggling to get rid of.

The company MacRebur was created after the founder, Toby McCartney saw road workers in India use waste plastic to repair potholes.

How Does It Work?

The road workers in India were seen packing old plastic into the pothole and then seen setting it alight. The plastic then melted into the hole and around the tarmac creating a solid patch when cool.

The process would involve turning our waste plastic into small pellets then adding them to something called Asphalt. The plastic pellets would be replacing Bitumen which is currently used.

Could Plastics Be The Future Of Our Roads?

Its quite possible, the product is called MR6, it’s being used across parts of the UK including Cumbria as part of road maintenance. The reason behind the change to MR6 is the longevity of the product; it’s thought to last 10 times longer and is up to 60% stronger than traditional tarmac.

Not only does MR6 have the ability to fix our potholes it also helps to create roads which will last longer.

Single Use Plastics

Unfortunately, it won’t solve the problem of single-use plastics like clingfilm, plastic bags and straws; but it may have an effect on how mobiles, laptops and tablet casings re-recycled in the future.

If you’d like to recycle your old mobile please visit We strongly advise against filling your nearest pothole with any old gadgets.

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