Corporate Gadget Recycling

Posted On December 9, 2017


New year resolutions don’t have to be personal; setting a corporate recycling goal can ensure your company works towards a collective goal, regardless of department. Generally, corporate resolutions focus on financial goals and driving a company forward; but this year we’d like to encourage a corporate gadget recycling resolution.

As 2017 passes and 2018 is about to roll in we decided to look about the ways in which our company can cut a carbon footprint from printing less (as if we all need more emails) to encouraging car shares.

Our business is focused on recycling though which is why as 2018 arrives we’re keen to encourage others to look at their corporate recycling responsibility. So here are a few reasons to consider recycling with CIYG this year:

New Tech Is Costly

Staff who work from home or travel frequently may require fast, lightweight and small computer software. Usually, these models are the top of the range making them some of the most expensive on the market.
If you’re getting to the point where you’re about to invest in new tech for your staff; it may be worth finding out how much their existing equipment is worth. Recycling old computers, tablets and phones can make a huge difference to your potential budget.

What happens to old tech?

Recycling your old company electricals isn’t just about saving your company money; it’s fundamental to ensuring the future of our plant. Yearly there are thousands of electricals thrown away and shipped African countries to be dealt with. Unfortunately, the way they ‘recycle’ these products is to burn the plastics off and attempt to recover the metals. The health risks that are involved in this process can have lasting effects on the lives of those dealing with them and the environment.

Many of the chemicals stored in a computer are highly toxic when left to nature or burnt. When a company disposes of 30-100 laptops or mobile phones, the damage to the environment can be irreversible.

How to make change

So while many companies make the resolution to increase profitability, and decrease carbon a footprint we encourage companies to make a far greater change. Saving a company money, the environment and those who work to deal with unrecycled waste.

At CIYG we pride ourselves on our fast and reliable service; we offer companies who wish to recycle large quantities of gadgets a courier service to ensure all of the gadgets reach us in one package. For more information please visit our website or contact our team.

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