Why Companies Should Recycle Gadgets

Posted On December 17, 2017

It’s hard to think about the environment when you’re running a company, balancing books and thinking about paying your staff.

It’s even harder when you have to consider the output of paper, electricity and so much more. When you finally take the step to order your team more computer software, gadgets and mobiles it’s important to think about the future.

What happens to your company mobiles?

When you issue your staff with a new mobile phone, what process do you have in place? Where does the old mobile go? Do your staff members keep them or do your tech department take them in to store in a draw as a backup?

If your company is large enough to have a tech department, chances are when your computers are all updated you’ll keep a few for spares like ram and external hard drive devices.

Donating your computers to charity or selling them to Cash In Your Gadgets can ease the strain on a business; something that could be vital when paying for 10-80 new computers all at once. The same can be said for old company phones; often when staff are left to keep old devices they store them because the company may want it back, eventually. However, many companies are missing the opportunity to request all old devices back to ensure they raise money. Old devices can be donated with Gadget drive to raise money for charity or recycled by companies like Cash In Your Gadgets or to raise money for the company.


Why Businesses Should Encourage Recycling

Gadget recycling is growing, but so is the volume of electrical goods being sold year on year. Unfortunately, the proportion of electrical goods that are recycled doesn’t outweigh the number being purchased; meaning there are vast numbers of the population purchasing new tech and chucking the old into landfill.

When you spend around 21% of your (awake) lifetime at work, it’s no surprise that the habits you get used to at in the office can easily be transferred to the home. If you see your company making a conscious effort to recycle old tech it’s something that many may consider doing to earn a little extra cash.

Large Companies With Multiple Departments

It’s often quite challenging to encourage electrical recycling when you have a large company with multiple departments. When there’s financial incentive such as a company drinks fund; it can really help management to take charge and ensure their team hand back old phones, tablets and laptops.

If you would like to raise money for your business you can check the eligibility and estimated value of your gadgets using the Cash In Your Gadgets website.

On our website you just add each item you have to sell to your basket; with large volumes of tech, we organise for a courier to collect to ensure they arrive with us safely. As soon as we’ve received your devices; we’ll check they work, and organise a cheque or bank transfer to be made to your company.

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