What Is 5G?

Posted On March 16, 2018

5G Mobile Internet

Ok, we’ve all only just got used to 4G; it’s hard to imagine having to update your phone to cope with 5G anytime soon. It won’t be until 2020 but as time can fly, it will come around faster than you think!

What is 5G?

Without making it sound too simple 5G is the next generation of 4G mobile internet. While some houses in UK villages struggle to get more than 4-megabyte internet, our mobiles are about to get a whole lot faster.

What’s the Difference Between 5G and Broadband?

Depending on where you live your broadband speed can vary between 2mbps and 300mbps. Generally, these lower speeds will be found in rural villages while the higher speeds will be found in towns and cities.

4G tends to offer around 100Mbps while 5G will be upgrading download speeds to 10Gbps. Mbps is megabits per second while Gbps is gigabit per second which works out around 100o times faster than 4G.

What Does that Mean for Downloads & Streaming?

You’ll be pleased to know it will reduce the buffering you sometimes experience. Some mobile network providers are already extremely ambitious with the new technology, Nokia has been reported to suggest you can stream 8K video in 3G.

Its currently being trialled in areas of the USA so it shouldn’t be long until we see the updates across the pond here in the UK.

When Will We Get 5G?

You can expect to see 5G roll out across the UK and elsewhere in Europe in 2020; although, you may see it as early as 2019 depending on your location, however, this is dependant on some of the deals which will need to take place between providers.

Will You Need a New Phone?

Unfortunately, you will! Much like 4G, you will need to upgrade your device to make the most of the faster internet. The reason for the upgrade is because 5G will work on a totally new frequency to both 3G and 4G. To tune into this new frequency you will require a new modem chip in your device.

You won’t have to rush out and buy a new device right away; 5G is quite a way off, companies have so many hurdles to overcome before we see a staged rollout of the technology. It’s thought though that this will enable amazing advances in technology, aided by super fast internet speeds across the country.

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