What Happens When Your Phone Is Too Cold?

Posted On February 28, 2018

Have you ever left your phone in the sun only to come back to an alert stating it needs to cool down; well the same can happen when your phone gets too cold as well.

The Beast From The East

This week the UK has been hit with enormous amounts of snow alongside abnormal temperatures of -5 and -6. To make matters worse, mobile phones around the country are seemingly malfunctioning along with the bad weather.

It’s most common to find the problem in iPhones but it can be found with other brands.

How Does It Malfunction?

Have you noticed when you’re out in the cold your phone screen becomes unresponsive to your touch and taking photos of snowmen causes your battery to drop in just a few shots?

This is your phones way of regulating its temperature. If you find it’s playing up like this, chances are you need to put it somewhere warm.

The Technical Reason

iPhones are notorious for being sensitive to temperature, they contain a Lithium-Ion battery which causes the problem. Despite advantages like low maintenance, they are sensitive to cold/hot weather, which causes the phone to shut down to prevent damage.

Apple state that iPhones and other iOS devices they produce operate best when used at an ambient temperature. This is anything between 0 and 35 degrees C; so if you plan to take your phone on holiday skiing or to Dubai, you can expect to notice some issues.

This week with such low temperatures iPhone users may see their devices slow, become unresponsive or shut down altogether.

How to Solve The Problem

With such treacherous conditions on the roads, having a working mobile is vital.

If you’re finding your phone is really suffering this week, we suggest keeping it close to your body. Keeping it in your inside pocket is a great way of ensuring it’s both warm and dry. Handbags are a prime example of somewhere a phone can suffer as they don’t provide much protection from the cold.

Alternatively, as the trains are cancelled and the roads are unsafe, it’s a good idea to stay in the warm, protect your gadgets and have a duvet day!



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