Selling a Water Damaged Gadget

Posted On August 10, 2017

Sell a Water Damaged Phone

During a rainy week in the middle of summer, it’s easy to see how water damaged phones, tablets and laptops are a common problem. Considering how attached we are to our mobiles it’s surprising to find out quite how many of us send them to a watery grave!


With a quick google it’s easy to find a ‘how-to guide’ on fixing the damage caused; unfortunately, it’s not always successful.

Mobiles and laptops can be water damaged in many weird and wonderful ways; it may come as no surprise the most common way a mobile phone is water damaged is down the toilet!

Research conducted showed that 31% of us have experienced a water damaged device at some point in our lives, with the majority of them being males.


Unfortunately, it’s not just our mobiles in danger; laptops and tablets are also at risk. Most laptops are damaged through drink spillages, which can often be just as problematic as a full submersion. Unlike mobiles though, our laptops aren’t being developed to become waterproof, so for the foreseeable future, our best advice is to handle drinks with care.

Selling a water damaged phone

While the next generation of mobile are beginning to address the issue of water damage; it may be worth keeping an eye on your device at the beach or by the pool this summer. If the worst does happen this summer; Cash In Your Gadgets buys phones and laptops even if they are water damaged.

Although we can’t always offer you the full value for your phone, we do still offer quotes on damaged gadgets, even if they don’t work anymore. Let us know how damaged your phone or laptop is and we’ll offer a quote accordingly.

If you’d like to find out how much your phone is worth get a free online quote here.

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