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Posted On January 1, 2018

If you went travelling 10 years ago you wouldn’t have dreamed of using your phone abroad.

Mobile phones have changed so much in the last 10-15 years, with the inclusion of cameras, face recognition, fingerprinting, payment software and the internet. It’s no surprise people forget about the days where you were restricted to using it in the country your contract is from, or pay an extortionate rate for the pleasure of contact abroad.

EU Law

In 2017 the EU ruled that contract providers must enable users to continue to use their calls, texts and internet in any European countries for the same price they would at home.
If you’re planning to visit any of the European countries this Christmas, you will be pleased to know you can; call, text and share all your festive images.

Extra Charges

It’s important to be aware though; phone companies still have the right to exercise their ‘fair usage policy’ which will then revert your charges back to the extortionate rates we’re used to. With some companies it’s as high as 12gb of data which is pretty high; to put it into context 10GB will enable you to watch 102 episodes of EastEnders (30 min episodes). This equates to around 50 hours of TV streaming, with some spare data for web browsing.

Fair usage is entirely dependant on your provider so it’s worth checking before you travel and use your device.

Worldwide Cover

Looking at travelling further afield this Christmas? Some mobile networks like Three actually include even more countries than just the EU. Three have something called feel at home, this encompasses countries all around the world including the Caribbean; their reach is so vast you can now use your phone in up to 71 destinations.

These 71 locations also include the 49 countries included in the compulsory EU law; they are continually expanding to cover more countries than most other providers.

Hopefully, that’s helped a little, if you’re planning to be abroad for Christmas and new year, you can stay in touch with family and friends knowing you won’t be hit with a huge bill in 2018.

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