The iPhone 8

Posted On July 19, 2017

We’re approaching the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, we know.. it’s  hard to imagine a life without smart phones.

To celebrate the launch Apple is going to be pulling out all the stops for the iPhone 8; we’re not sure what it will be called yet, but we know Apples been pretty ambitious with their plans for the new device.

Will it be ready in time?

Unfortunately, with big plans come small hiccups along the way; it’s been rumoured that Apple is having some teething problems with the technology behind their wireless charging and other features.

Speculation has begun about the radical redesign that is expected and the edge-to-edge display that might accompany it. Some of the biggest speculation is around the current finger print access and home button which is expected to be replaced with face and iris recognition similar to that seen on google phones.

Are smashed screens a thing of the past?

Apple appears to have worked hard to combat some of the struggles people have had with previous devices including smashed screens. The iPhone 8 is said to be built with OLED flexible plastic, replacing the LCD. The back of the phone is also rumoured to be changing from aluminium to glass; so if you don’t have a cracked screen, you might have a cracked back!

For those of you who’ve had to recycle too many phones due to water damage; you’ll be pleased to know the iPhone 8 will be water resistant. It’s not water proof but it will survive a spilt drink or brief submersion.

We’re excited to see how far the 1st & 8th iPhone have come in 10 years. If you plan to upgrade, you can recycle your old devices here.

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